Casio Calculator

Casio Calculators

Chose Casio calculators for its RELIABILITY & DURABILITY. Casio many World’s First, such as Casio Compact all-electric calculator (1957), Casio Mini Personal calculator (1972), Graphic scientific calculator (1985), Check calculator (2010), Dual Display calculator (2011), Graphing calculator with Computer Algebra System (2013), has made it the global standard for high performance calculators.

Casio offers Scientific Calculators, its Graphic Models with CAS capabilities are well received & recognized for scientific & education use. There is Financial Consultant calculators, Practical Calculators, Check Calculators and Printing Calculators for general use. Many features are available, from 10 to 14 digits, Two-way Power, Dual to 3-Line Display, Color Selection, 2-Color Printing and more.

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