Samsung Printer

Samsung Printer C8640ND

With Dual Core CPU, Samsung printer delivers the power, speed and memory that business needs for fast printouts. Samsung ReCP-Color Trapping, ReCP- Composite Color Reduction, ReCP -Edge Enhancement technologies, together with Samsung Polymerized Toner, produces color printouts with added impact, presence and brilliance.

Smart printing. Smart business. Printing wirelessly no longer means just Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud Printing, Wi-Fi Direct, there is now Near-Field Communication (NFC) printing. Samsung makes it easy for business to stay connected no matter where work takes them. Samsung SMART Printing Solutions enables business to wirelessly print and scan directly and instantly  what they want when they need it, to and from their smart devices. No access point, manual pairing or driver installation is needed. With the tap of a mobile device, business can use NFC, featuring user authentication, to securely print while on the go on Samsung NFC printer.